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Airsider History

In 1998, we started Airsider as a website dedicated to the commercial airline industry. That time, we were still using our old name,

During the years, Airsider has become a successful online magazine with news and extensive reports about airlines, airports and the air transport industry. We don't want to be the fastest news channel. What we do is delivering extensive background coverage about selected topics related to the global airline industry.

In January 2003, we unveiled our new brand identity. We officially changed the name from to Airsider. Furthermore, we designed a completely new logo which shows a very stylised grey heron. A great bird to show our passion for the flying business.

The This is Airsider tagline has been introduced in January 2008, at the same time as the new design was rolled out.


Who is Airsider?

Airsider is a core project of the Celway Group, a privately owned company based in Switzerland. Beside Airsider, the group also manages other projects such as CelwayOne, a one-stop event database for the airline and logistics industries. To find out more about the Celway Group and its projects, please visit our corporate homepage.

Both, the Celway Group and Airsider have been founded and are owned by Michael Meier from Switzerland. Michael Meier is an aviation journalist and member of the Swiss Association of Aviation Journalists (SAJ) as well as the Swiss Association of Specialised Journalists (ASJ). Beside him, there are other persons, who contribute to our magazine from time to time.

This is Airsider.



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Legal Notes

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